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Family Fun

Over the last couple of months we’ve been able to see quite a bit of family.  Here are some pics of our fun family time:

In March, Grandma B. and Grandpa visited and took us on a little excursion to the Biltmore.  Kharis enjoyed playing in the puddles and they both loved the petting zoo.

During their visit the kids received their first of several Easter baskets.  They also had their first swim of the season at Grandma B. and Grandpa’s hotel.

At the end of March I loaded up the kids and we headed for Kentucky to see more family… Uncle Jeff, Aunt Sara, Grandma, Papa, Aunt Ashley, Great Grandpa & Grandma Taggart, Joshua, and Cherish.  (Whew!  Hope I didn’t miss anyone.)  It was a fun weekend filled with Easter baskets, cookie baking, egg dying, an Easter egg hunt, smores, lots of play-time, and Kharis’ declaration of a new “little friend”… Cherish.  I seriously thought I took a picture of Kharis and her “little friend” but it’s nowhere to be found.  Boo!  I really thought I took more pictures period.  But apparently not.  For more pics of this trip here’s the link to my sister’s blog… Sow Much in Love.  (The back-story… Basically, anytime Kharis talked about Cherish she would refer to her as her “little friend.”… “Hey!  Where’s my little friend?”  “My little friend will love this!”)

The beginning of April brought another trip to Kentucky to visit Uncle Jeff and Aunt Sara.  Brian and all the guys were attending the Together for the Gospel conference so the kids and I tagged along and spent the week hanging out and playing with Aunt Sara.  We went to a playground one day, went to their church’s indoor playground another day, went to the zoo, met up with the guys for some yummy Mexican food, and had ice cream at Graeter’s with Aunt Sara and Cherish.

Thanks to all for such great memories.  There’s more family fun coming up in the very near future!  (And seriously!  If anyone has a picture of Kharis and her little friend please send it to me.)

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Bit by Bit

Spring is here!  A time of sunny skies, blooming buds, and the unmistakable urge to give the house a complete white glove treatment.  Also known as spring cleaning!!  Confession… I’ve never EVER spring cleaned.  Gasp!  I’ve got my daily/weekly/monthly cleaning schedules and do an okay job of keeping up with those.  In addition to these lists, however, I’ve constantly got another list running through my head of things to clean and tasks to complete that require just a bit more time and effort than I’ve got time allotted.  Cleaning light fixtures, fan blades, tops of bookshelves, paint touch ups on walls where a child decided to use a coaxial cord as a means to “draw” a masterpiece on the wall.  (Don’t judge…the things come up out of the floors in their rooms.  And it’s just an example, right?  And if there are any church folks reading this, don’t worry, it’s only surface.  It can be touched up with paint.)  So, this swarming list typically doesn’t get done for a very long time because in my world if it’s not written down on a piece of paper it’s not going to happen.  And, playing with kids is priority right now.

The thought of doing a complete overhaul once a year is a bit overwhelming.  How does one get it all done?  Especially with kids running around.  I typically have three hours during my day that I clean around the house.  During the kids’ alone time and nap time.  And three hours is if I don’t take a nap myself.  And let’s face it.  Naps are GOOD with a capital G!

But, I’ve been inspired.  I came across this fun little challenge going on right now in the blog world.  iDreamOfClean has teamed up with nine other bloggers to form a little something called the Spring Cleaning Challenge.  When I saw the title of the first post about it I was intrigued.  I thought to myself, “This is the year!  I’m going to do it!”  And as I read more about it and learned about the incredible prizes you can win I jumped on the bandwagon.

And then it happened… that swarming list in my head began to grow and grow and grow and it got a little overwhelming.  But Christine at iDreamOfClean swooped in and provided a handy dandy little checklist to turn my Spring cleaning dreams into a reality.

And then another thing happened… are you familiar with the children’s show Word World?  It’s a world where everything is built of words and these animals save the day by building words.  It’s pretty cute and the songs are very catchy.  So catchy, in fact, that one popped into my head (and is still there) as some additional Spring cleaning inspiration.  It’s the episode where Duck gets to play the piano with Frog.  But first they have to build the piano.  Duck flips out because “piano” is such a big word.  So the ever-wise Frog sweeps in with a song to help him out:

When a word’s too big to build  

Break it down in parts and you’ll be thrilled  

You can handle it


That’s it!  Bit by bit!  Spring cleaning you’re going down!  Thanks Frog!

I altered the words a little bit and now I find myself humming this tune while cleaning:  (Ugh!  Thanks Frog!)

When a house is too big to clean  

Break it down in parts, no, don’t get mean

You can handle it


Wish I could find a video of the song so it could be stuck in your head too.

The point?  Spring cleaning IS doable when you break it down into little bitty manageable pieces that fit into your schedule.  It may take a while but it will get done.  Bit…by…bit!

Here are some pics of our progress…

My little helper:

Taking a break from weeding:

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Ben’s 1st Birthday

For Benny’s first birthday we headed to Nashville to meet Grandma, Papa, Aunt Ashley, and Uncle Bobo for a weekend of birthday fun.

Ben’s birthday weekend included bouncing fun at Monkey Joe’s:

Brian and Uncle Bobo took advantage of the Parent’s Lounge…

For dinner we met up with friends Jed and Melanie at a local fav, Monell’s, to enjoy a family style meal followed by cupcakes for Benny’s birthday treat.

Ben really enjoyed hanging out in sis’s car seat prior to going into the restaurant…

For more (and better) Nashville pics you can visit my sister’s blog… Sow Much In Love.

On his actual birthday we had a low-key day of presents, pizza, and more cupcakes.

A couple weeks prior to this we headed to Nashville for a quick visit with Jed, Melanie, and their kiddos.  Their little boy had a chair that Ben couldn’t get enough of.  So, I decided this would be his birthday gift.  He LOVES it!

Happy birthday little man!

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Our Little Man

A look back…


3 Months

6 Months

 9 Months

Twelve Months

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Happy Valentine’s Day…Take Two!

I had been looking forward to Valentine’s Day for several weeks and it finally arrived!  We had so much fun with it last year I decided to try something again this year.  The goal… inexpensive, low key, and fun!  I think we accomplished all three.

The decor…  (Shipping paper, balloons, a candle, and crayons.  Doesn’t get much more inexpensive than that!)

The delicacies…  (Pizza, salad, strawberry hearts, and “fizzy drink” with cherries.  Super low key!)

Don’t forget the cupcakes…decorated by the hubby.  He did a great job!  These are a favorite around here.  Thank you Pinterest!

The darling guests… (Enter FUN!!)

We finished the evening by watching “A Charlie Brown Valentine.”

Looking forward to next year!

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Playing Dress Up

Kharis received lots of dress up clothes for her birthday.  We’ve definitely been putting these items to good use.  Benny probably won’t think so one day but seems to be enjoying himself now.

This is courtesy of big sis… (This is the “Ashley” wig.  You get to look like Aunt Ashley when you wear it according to Kharis.)

Here’s our little princess dressed up in her “wedding” and “slippers”…

And poor little Benny again…

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Eleven Months

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Family Pictures

We had some more family pictures taken back in December.  This photo shoot served two purposes… Benny’s nine month shots and we wanted some “Fall” outdoor pictures of the family and kids.  After much waiting we finally received them in the mail yesterday.

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Happy Birthday!

Kharis is now three years old!  She has been talking about her birthday party for several weeks and it finally arrived.  Grandma and Papa came to celebrate the weekend of birthday fun.

First on the agenda… the bounce house!

Next we headed to one of Kharis’ favorite places to eat… Red Robin!  (We were in the car for about five minutes and Benny was out!)

The birthday fun continued at Gigi’s Cupcakes where Kharis got to pick out her very own cupcake.  Her flavor of choice… Miss Princess! (Strawberry with cream cheese frosting, sugar crystals, and a crown of course.)

We then headed home to open presents.  Grandma and Papa got her a vintage suitcase full of dress-up clothes as well as a vintage make-up case filled with jewelry.  Lots of make believe fun in our future!

On her actual birthday she awoke to a birthday breakfast of bubble bread…

And later in the day she got to open her present from us.  A case of craft items to make tons of fun projects.  I thought we’d break it in by making Valentine’s cards.  Apparently, Kharis had something else in mind…

Happy birthday, little girl!

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Ten Months

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